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Rusty Santos recently announced the follow-up to his 2022 solo album, High Reality, with New Wave in California, due July 14. Today he is sharing the new single “Smile Song” featuring Bedroom. Santos recently teamed up with Bedroom as the producer on his most recent LP, Thread.

“This song started as an acoustic guitar track, but after I finished the lyrics, I knew it needed another collaborator.  Noah Kittenger (Bedroom) made the instrumental arrangement which stays in dialog with the lyrics throughout. The music became as much his sound as it is my own.  I think the song’s sunny sounding, but it acknowledges challenges that must be overcome.” -Rusty Santos

Rusty Santos is an artist and producer based in LA. As an artist, he plays multiple instruments and writes psychedelic songs. His last solo album, High Reality, was released on Lo Recordings in 2022. As a producer, he’s been influential in indie music and has worked in footwork, hip-hop, electronica, and beyond.

He first came to prominence when he produced Animal Collective’s celebrated Sung Tongs album and then collaborated again with Panda Bear on his landmark album Person Pitch and the more recent album Buoys. He spent formative time in NYC immersed in the psychedelia scene and other artists in their orbit, working with Dirty Projectors, Born Ruffians, Black Dice, and many more. Prior to living in New York, Rusty sang and played guitar in art-punk bands and later became enamored with the possibilities of electronic music. His fascination with new sounds has led him to experiment across many genres. He co-wrote Dino d’Santiago’s Afro-pop hit “Nos Funana,” engineered and mastered DJ Rashad’s groundbreaking dance album Welcome to the Chi, and mixed modernist classics like Dawn of Midi’s Dysnomia and Owen Pallet’s Heartland.

Press photo by Brett 5D

Rusty Santos
New Wave In California
July 14, 2023
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Track List:

Mirror (Feat. Panda Bear)
Smile Song
Halo Dive (Feat. Jackie Mendoza)
Heaven For Now (Feat. Psychic Twin)
Rule of Three
Star in the Sky
Juicy Lambo


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