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Oakland band Body Double released its debut LP, Milk Fed in 2020, but for obvious reasons wasn’t able to tour in support of it. Now the band has announced the follow-up EP,  Voice 2 Skull, out July 21 with a full west coast tour starting on the same day.

“I just want to be in a band that sounds like Ministry doing Roxy Music covers, or vice versa. I think Voice 2 Skull gets me closer. I wrote this EP knowing it would be Body Double’s last year as a big five-piece rock n’ roll blob (who can afford that in 2023?) so I tried to MAX OUT musically and emotionally. I’m singing about flames, parasites, long range energy weapons like V2K technology, and long range energy weapons like L-O-V-E.” -Candace Lazarou, Body Double


July 21 Thee Stork Club – Oakland, CA w/ Candy Whips, Chaki, DJ Albion Junkie
July 22 Que Sera – Long Beach, CA w/ Human Musik, Coleco Club
July 23 Taverna Costera – Las Vegas, NV w/ Spring Breeding
July 25 The Beast – Tempe, AZ w/ Final Gasp, The Sheaves, Jade Helm
July 26 Blondies – Tucson, AZ w/ Spank, Kulululu
July 27 61st st. House – San Diego, CA
July 28 Non Plus Ultra – Los Angeles, CA  w/ Prissy Whip, Ms. Lucid
July 30 The Golden Bear – Sacramento, CA w/ Steev & the Bitch Club, El Guapo
July 31 Duffy’s – Chico, CA
Aug 1 Mudville Stadium – Corvallis, OR w/ the Yuvees
Aug 2 Clock-Out Lounge – Seattle, WA w/ Wilting and Lane Lines
Aug 3 The Voyeur – Olympia, WA w/ Debt Rag
Aug 4 No Fun – Portland, OR w/ Mo Troper, The Unseen Ways
Aug 5 Richard’s Goat – Arcata, CA w/ Hudson Glover

Body Double
Voice 2 Skull EP

Release Date: July 21, 2023
Purchase here

Track List:

1. Voice 2 Skull
2. Wake Up Dead
3. Boil Down To Love
4. Carnation Island
5. Go Away