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The First New Song from the Upcoming Pepe Deluxé Album!

Some words from the group about the track:

“Back from the Futures with Goldfinger and K” is a delightfully unconventional composition, even by the most Deluxé of standards. It’s a song of songs, drawing inspiration from Megamixes and the film “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” offering glimpses into the new Pepe Album. However, these aren’t glimpses from OUR future; instead, they are windows to other potential futures and dimensions, where the album might have sounded a little or even completely different! Think of it as a magical journey in sampling from future music that hasn’t even been made yet!

Among the sonic treasures, you’ll discover the title tune of an unreleased Hammer film classic and a musical ode to the most dangerous man in the world. Listen for the resonant tones of the Blüthner piano from the airship Hindenburg, another airborne piano once played by Frank Sinatra (Jr.), a trapped horsefly, and a human skull door knocker – operated by yours truly.

Some familiar faces return, including DJ Slow, the original founding member of Pepe Deluxé, and the world’s largest cowbell, this time accompanied by the most well-endowed man in the world (naturally!). Our trio of fantastic drummers is back, Mr. Fastfinger skillfully navigating a biplane and pterodactyls with his six-string, and Tuukka Haapaniemi, THE bass singer, exploring the stratosphere to deep underground. And that’s just the beginning!

So, there’s a plethora of exciting elements, and we sincerely hope you enjoy this musical journey as much as we enjoyed creating it.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone involved in making this possible!!! #PepeDeluxe #NewMusic #AlbumTeaser #MusicJourney”

Pepe Deluxé
Back From The Futures With Goldfinger And K
(Catskills Records)
Street Date: Jan. 12, 2024


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