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Today Portland band foamboy shares another new single from their upcoming sophomore LP, Eating Me Alive, out on March 8, 2024. The video for “COOL!?!” is centered around a run-in with a unnamed rival band on the kickball field.

Katy Ohsiek on the track:
“COOL!?! is meant to be fun and tongue-in-cheek. Wil’s instrumental here really reminds me of Sure Sure: groovy but also a little silly and a little cheeky? I was inspired to write lyrics from a more petty, whiny place for effect. My favorite part of the song is the half-step modulation up at the end with the lavish guitar solo. It always makes me think of the final lap in Mario Kart, when the music speeds up. It also makes me think of the rippin’ saxophone solo on the Dolphin Shoals track in Mario Kart 8.”

About the new album, Eating Me Alive:
“I am so happy with how this album turned out. Unlike our last release, which we created over email during the first year of the pandemic, this record is much more informed by our live shows and the incredible instrumentalists we get to work with. It’s still distinctly foamboy, it’s definitely still fun, but a little darker than the last album. Lyrically, this album details the entire rise and fall of a very complicated and crushing relationship. It’s also about reckoning with the aftermath of your public art, discovering your own queer identity, rejecting heteronormative narratives, surviving grad school, and giving up in a good way. I am so grateful to Wil, our recording engineer Justin, our bandmates, and all other musicians involved in this project.” -Katy

“Where My Sober Daydream felt very compact and bite-sized, this one to me feels much more like a ‘full’ album. I think we really allowed ourselves to expand on different ideas, and not just relegate ourselves to short dance-y tracks. There’s a lot of different stuff here, but from the lyrical content, to the musical aesthetic, everything flows together and songs wash into each other. As always, I spent a lot of time sequencing the record, and I’m happy this came out to feel like such a full story with ups and downs, twists and turns. It’s still groovy, but everything, from the instrumentation to the mixing, has a slight tinge of darkness around it. It’s like the moodier older brother of the first album, it’s kinda brooding and has got a lot more to say. We also worked with a full band on a lot of these songs, so everything feels a little closer to a modern take on late 70s disco, rather than an electronic dance album. Shoutout everyone who worked on this thing and was so patient in getting this release together.” -Wil

Eating Me Alive
Street Date: March 8, 2024

Track List:
1. Smoke Machine
2. Yours or Mine
3. Burnout
4. Not A Go
5. Sarah
6. Take My Place
7. He Fucking Texts Me
8. Song About You
9. imtryingimtryingimtrying
10. COOL!?!
11. Can’t Fall In Love With You If You’re Not There
12. Exit Sign
13. I Wish You The Worst
14. Don’t Let Me Wear Your Sweater
15. Eating Me Alive

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