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Norwegian/American ethereal folk duo Gabbarein are excited to share their new single “Jeg Hører Deg,” and its accompanying music video directed by Lars Tovik of Norway’s Oslo Assembly. “Jeg Hører Deg” follows the single “Ra Rising Sun,” and is the latest track to be released from Gabbarein’s self-titled debut album, out April 5th, 2024 on Our Silent Canvas (2LP pre-order).

The track title means “I Hear You” in English and is now available on all major streaming platforms, listen HERE This powerful single is represented by a striking music video produced by Oslo Assembly, featuring the incredible mask art of Norway’s Damselfrau, whose work has been worn by Bjørk. It was filmed inside the stunning light installation of artist Anne Katrine Senstads entitled POISIS, set in a bunker on the coast of Denmark Watch it HERE.

On “Jeg Hører Deg,” Gabbarein singer Cecilie Hafstad shares:
“‘Jeg Hører Deg‘ is about a breakup quarrel between a husband and wife, and the final fight they had before leaving each other and going their separate ways. The agony of the push and pull of trying to understand each other, but not getting it at all. The track is a play from each side, both trying, begging to be heard, hoping to fix it and move past it. But even though the love was so strong, they both gave up that day and left one another. A very sensitive and powerful song for me as I channeled back to that fateful day in my early 20s. I got to relive the scene and re-visit my emotions. The heartache and pain of it all. It really helped to heal that wound. But we all go through it and most can relate. One can still be crazy in love and it ends up not working out.”

Norwegian vocalist Cecilie Hafstad and American composer-producer Christopher Bono created Gabbarein improvisationally during a recording session on a fjord in Lyngen Norway, within the Arctic Circle. The album is built on emotive improvised vocals framed by sensitive, sparse textures and arrangements and a variety of instrumentation including synths, mandolin, kalimba, guitars, flute, violin, mixed percussion, and local nature samples. Most of the tracks have a calming and transcendent aura, while some channel an ancient Scandinavian intensity through pounding rhythms and indigenous melodies.

As a whole, Gabbarein is a moving and powerful listening experience that transports audiences to the sublime recording location of Norway’s Arctic Territory. Gabbarein’s themes delve into nature, collaboration, and the cathartic power of unearthing deeply buried emotions. There was no pre-written material or lyrics brought into the week-long recording sessions. All tracks were recorded in a single take, the lyrics channeled by Cecilie. Singing in Norwegian, the language allowed her to tap into something deeply personal during the process.

The origins of Gabbarein trace back to 2011 when Cecilie Hafstad and Christopher Bono first met at a Shamanic sound-healing retreat in Vermont. Their shared exploration of sound deepened into a unique musical partnership, evolving through collaborations on projects like NOUS and Ghost Against Ghost. Gabbarein’s inception materialized during a transformative recording session in Lyngen, Norway, in June 2018, where the sublime Arctic setting and the unexpected appearance of a White Reindeer tapped deep into the culture of the Sámi people, who are native to the area, and became a core inspiration for the sessions. They decided to call the project “Gabberein”, which means ‘holy reindeer’ in the Sámi language, with reverence to the reindeer’s presence.

Gabbarein’s self-titled debut album (April 5, 2024) encapsulates the profound and personal journey undertaken by the duo during the week-long recording session. With emotive, striking vocals, diverse textures, and an array of instruments, the album promises a moving and powerful listening experience—one that the world needs during these turbulent times. Gabbarein, the Double Vinyl edition, includes full project notes, photos and original artwork vinyl etching. Pre-order available from Our Silent Canvas webstore now at

(Our Silent Canvas)
April 8, 2024
Pre-order it HERE

Track List:

1_Ra Rising Sun
2_Kyss Meg
3_Cumash Canyon
4_ Så Stille
5_ Elsker
6_Kom Her
8_ Lyngen
9_ Jeg Hører Deg
10_ Yggdrasil
11_ Bjørke vise
12_ Alt en kan tenke seg
13_ Mamma