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Oakland, CA mainstays Lunchbox are back with Pop and Circumstance, an explosive new album drawing on influences that span the breadth of 60 years of guitar pop. Besides its obvious debt to the hard end of the 1970s UK mod-revival and the jangle of 1980s British indiepop, the record proclaims Lunchbox’s continued allegiance to the 1960s/70s Southern California pop sensibility and love for the classic AM radio pop single.

Over the course of their thirty year career Lunchbox have always impressed with their ability to mine gold from the ore of pop history, with an almost psychedelic ability to wed meticulous songcraft to adventurous home studio experimentation. It’s a strategy that always keeps Lunchbox sounding contemporary and vital, and this terrific new record shows them at their best.

From the bubblegum mod of “Dinner for Two” to the junkshop soul of “Love for Free” to the Who-adjacent power-pop of “Summer’s Calling” and the horn-driven grooves of “Is this Real?,” Pop and Circumstance exhibits a band in full control of their powers and twisting the history of pop into compelling new shapes. Bursting with catchy tunes, locked-in harmonies and earworm choruses, Pop and Circumstance is Lunchbox’s most infectious love-letter to the pop song yet.


May 16 – San Jose, CA – Jade Cathay w/Torrey, Natasha Sandworms & Softie
May 17 – Santa Cruz, CA – Subrosa Community Space w/Torrey & Hookups
May 18 – San Francisco, CA – Make Out Room w/Torrey & Seablite
May 23 – Los Angeles, CA – Permanent Records w/Torrey & Mo Dotti
May 24 – Carlsbad, CA – Gonzo! Ramen w/Torrey
May 25 – Ventura, CA – Mystery Shop w/Torrey, The Spires & Maria
Jun 01 – Portland, OR – Turn Turn Turn w/Field Drums & Field School
Jun 08 – Oakland, CA – The Oakland Weekender at Thee Stork Club

Pop and Circumstance
(Slumberland Records)
[pre-order the LP here]

Street Date: May 10, 2024

Track List:

Dinner For Two
I’m Yours, You’re Mine
Summer’s Calling
Different Tune
Love For Free
Don’t Wait Too Long
This World
Is This Real?
Heaven Only Knows
Time Won’t Lie
New Year
All Around The World